42 year old man from
  • Height 5' 11"
  • Weight 250 lbs
  • Body Overweight
  • Drinking habits Occasionally
  • Eye color Green
  • Hair Brown
  • Career Other
  • Smoking habits Non-smoker
  • Status Single
  • Appearance Overweight
  • First meeting Kiss
  • Humor I love jokes and good stories
  • Address In a small town
  • Cohabitation Single
  • Number of children 0
  • Children None

I am looking for Casual Friend

  • I am looking for Women 
  • AgeFrom 25 - 38 Year
  • Height From 3' 11" - 12' 11"
  • Weight Not provided
  • Body Slender, Common, Robust, Chubby, Overweight, Disabled
  • Drinking habits At parties, Occasionally
  • Eye color Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Blue-green, Gray-green
  • Hair Blond, Medium Blonde, Brown, Black, Red, Grey
  • Career Not specified
  • Smoking habits Not specified
  • Status Single

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I am a Man who lives in the country
and who is at his/her best being outside.
I am just looking around ;)!

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