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My name is Susan and i´m 29.I´ll tell you here what I have got out of having a profile on XL-Dating.Com.


I have battled with my weight for many years.I´m not small and slim,and I know I´ll never be that.I have tried oceans of diets,but they don´t work for me.My

looks have made me more and more introvert and shy,because since my teenage years I have often experienced,that guys don´t want to be with me.I think that their attitude was,that I wasn´t as exciting as the slim girls,and they couldn´t be bothered to get to know me better.


I then got to know about XL-Dating.Com from one of my friends.After some consideration, I decided  to try to make a profile and put it up on the dating site.That turned into a great evening.I and two other friends met at my house,and then we dressed up, and took pictures of eachother.We also helped eachother find user names, and to write our profile texts.


After placing my profile on the site,I was very excited whether I would get any contacts.Just a couple.Wow..I just got lots.Most of them were from lovely guys,who wanted to get to know me better.It was a brand new experience for me.I suddenly experienced,that I was interesting,and I saw myself in another light.


Anyway,I started to write to some of the guys.After some time I met up with one of them.He was really nice.We dated for a few times,and after awhile I decided to go for it.i wasn´t a virgin,but I didn´t have the experience of catching guys.It went really well,but after some time the guy went out travelling with a friend,and he then wanted us to be free again.I was a bit sad in the beginning,and thought that I Should try again on the XL-Dating.Com.


It was a good decision,for since then I have met many guys.Some of them are not my type,but one soon finds out about that,when one meets them in reality.Mostly I have a fun date, with good food and drink.Some times we go into town ,or to a cafe, and aterwards continue talking.Sometimes it has just clicked between us,and we have ended up either at my or their house.


I feel that I have got a more interesting life now,I see myself in another way;because when a guy thinks that I am sweet and attractive,even though that I am big girl,then I can allow myself to be more happy.I also spend more time on myself now.I get my hair styled and nails manicured,and have had some facials.It has all contributed to making me feel better about myself.If there are others out there who are thikning whether XL-Dating.Com is something for them,I would just like to say:Yes!,quickly get a profile up on the dating site.It can´t go quick enough.


Best Wishes Susan




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