I`M Wading In Attention.

When you live in rural Iowa as I do,further out than the crows venture,and single,and my next birthday is my 40th,and also having Dolly Parton attributes,which stretch all the way down to my hips,then there is far between the gorgeous men!


I was getting stuffy about being the third cog in the wheel,when I was invited to family and friends parties.When we arranged work gatherings,it was nearly always with husband and wives,and as usual, I was the one turning up alone.One gets fed up with that! It`s not because I dont know several men,and that I don´t know how to flirt and speak to a man.It´s as if, where I live we know eachother too well,as friends.Everybody knows me.



Then one night when I was online,I came across the website XL-Dating.Com.

Maybe it was something for me.I started reading,what is necessary and how to get started.After reflecting for a couple of days,I gathered courage,found a decent picture of myself,wrote a profile text,and threw myself into the online universe at XL-Dating.Com.


I must say that it has been fantastic! After a short while,contacts from men started flowing in,they wanted to get to know me.I know that I`m reasonably good looking,and look fine on my profile picture.On my profile,I have been honest and said, that I´m not sculpted with model looks,on the contrary.These statements didn´t scare the men away.


I started to write with some of the men.I choose thoose I thought were best looking,and who had a good sense of humour,quick wits,and were kind.In the beginning I think ,i was chatting to about seven men at a time.I was inundated by attention.It was incredible.Then I decided to meet up with a couple of them. I planned it so,that I would have a date friday and saturday evening,two weeks in row.I was to meet four men.It was arranged on a couple of cafes and one restaurant.


On the days leading up to our first meeting, I was really nervous.I also thought:what can go wrong?I haven`t promised anybody or myself anything.We were going to meet up in a public place with lots of people around.It later showed, that all my worries were unnecessary.I had four great dates.The men were all very different characters.Thats relating to looks and mind.There was a super trim banker,an overweight school teacher, and two men of ordinary build,who respectively were a marketing man and a butcher.They were nice in each their own way,at no time did I get any negative comments about my looks.Thats probably because I didn`t try to conceal it.The guys knew in advance that they were meeting a big girl.


In the time following time period I kept contact with all four men,but especially one of the guys was persistent.Compared to him,the others were shadows.Then I decided to focus on him,and waved goodbye to the others.It turned out to be the right choice.I´m now engaged, and have moved together with my dream man,the butcher.


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