How I met My Partner.

I just want to share my experiences here with you on XL-Dating.Com.It´s not  more than three months ago,that I made a profile on XL-Dating.Com.I heard about it from one of my colleagues at work, and she told told me how wondeful it was.She had stopped going out on the town,because she enjoyed being home online chatting to new contacts.I started to find it boring,having to go out every friday and saturday,in order to potentially meet a nice guy.All the guys here in this town are the same,and many of us know eachother.If it was to be with one of them, I would have happened a long time ago.


Anyway,my colleague decided to help me create a profile on XL-Dating.Com.We had fun doing it.My cousin is a photographer,and he took some nice black and white shots of me.I´m a big girl,and often feel that I dont look nice on pictures,but my cousin is really good,and he knew exactly how I should sit,and how the lighting should be.


He had a women friend who was a makeup artist, and she knew how to put makeup on, in order to accentuate eyes and facial features.It was really exiting,The the result is that I have been given some nice pictures,and have learnt how to lay  natural makeup.


These pictures were put online together with my profile text,and then I got going.Already a few hours later the first contacts started to happen.It was wild.And after a couple of days ..came the CONTACT! It was a 33 year old guy,who had already seen my profile,and who had fallen in love with my picture.He said it straight.I thought what? Then I started to check him out.It turned out that he lived in another town 50 miles away,and worked as youth worker in an afterschool club. He was divorced and had a 3 year old son.He looked great.Just like I,he had a few extra pounds on the sides,but wow..he looked great.


I gathered courage and answered him.It was a maddening experience,that such a gorgeous man had contacted me.I was a little nervous whether he was a good guy,and not just a flirt, that wanted to court the women.We started writing a lot to eachother,and I got a good sense of him.After a couple of weeks we decided to meet up.We reserved a table in a restaurant in my home town. I was really nervous.I just wanted it to go really well,and I didn´t want to make a fool of myself.I bought some new clothes,and had my cousins friend put makeup on me..then I was ready.My dream date was already there.When I arrived he gave me a beautiful bunch of flowers.It went very well.He was lovely,and we talked and talked and laughed all evening.When the restaurant closed,contrary to my earlier decision,we went home to my apartment


I invested everything in the love project,because he was gorgeous. I wouldn´t let him go.Of course he stayed the night,and it was fantastic.When I awoke next morning it was to the aroma of freshly made coffee.He had arisen,been to by fresh bread..and prepared breakfast for me to enjoy in bed.He really lived up to my innermost dreams!This happened about two months ago, and we are now lovers.We spend as much time together as possible.He looks after his son every second week,and that has fit in well.I have already met his wonderful son,and I get on really well with him…,when I ´m alone with him,and also when all three of us are together. I´m really on a winning streak!!!!


Love From  Karen,34 years.


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