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Just wanted to say that online XL-Dating.com has given me much positivity.My days have become happier and with more fun.I have acquired much more self confidence,and I´m just much more myself now;haven´t felt like this since I was a little girl.


I have often felt that it has been difficult to be one of large size.It´s not only about when buying clothes,it´s also the daily challenges.

One often hears:”fat people are happy people”That`s nonsense! I think that for most people it´s just  a facade.I don´t think that fat people are happier than others,that would be odd! We also have our battles to deal with.


For many years,I have got used playing my role as the sweet,friendly and happy girl.The girl who doesn´t care if she can buy smart fahsion clothes in chic shops.She is not the with the tough,sporty and popular guy.The one that doesn´t get noticed and attended to on the street as she not the beautiful one.It´s become such an ingrained role, that I have forgotten what I feel like inside.


It just got too much for me.I suddenly felt very unhappy and confused.I couldn´t see anything positive,and I started staying more and more in my own company.Just couldn´t handle being with the usual friends gang, so I closed myself into my own company munching biscuits.I started to spend more and more time online,and one day I came across the dating site for overweight people called XL-Dating .Com.It sounded interesting,and I decided to make a profile.I´m good on computers,so  I quickly fixed it.


Since that day my life hasn´t been the same.I quickly got contact with other people,men and women.I have written with many lovely girls,who understand the problems that I ´m challenged with.It has meant a lot to me, to meet other girls who know what it´s like to be of large measure, in a slim/trim oriented world,where one is only interesting if one has a BMI of under 20.I have been in contact with more men online,than I have in the last two years put together.Generally most of the guys I have met,don´t care how large I am.When you have your profile on XL-Dating.Com,one doesn´t take interest in these factors.I don´t have to continue playing my dire usual role,I can finally be myself.It´s just great!



I have been on a couple of dates with some men that I have met.It´s been great finally to kickstart my social life again.It´s great to have a lot of new friends, both women and men.I haven´t yet met the MAN,where it just clicked from the beginning.I have though got many new great friends.We are a group of friends, that once in awhile get together, go out to eat,have a drink,or go to the cinema.I enjoy it!

I´m sure it´s going to happen,and Mr right is out there waiting.Just got to find him.It´s going to happen!


Love Hannah Sanderson 27 years.



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