How I Prepared For My First Date.

After starting to date online,I remember how it felt when I was preparing for my first date, and the days that led up to it.Just as I got my profile on XL-Dating.Com, I was anxi,ous as a child to know if anybody would contact me.I feel it´s difficult to be 24 and not have the body that men dream about.


I didn´t need to be nervous; already a couple of days later, I was contacted by two guys.It was with racing heart that I read the messages from the two men,both seemed nice.Later on I started to get more contact,and it has now become one of the important revolving points in my life, to check my inbox on XL-Dating.Com.


Returning to the talk about my first date.Especially one of the guys sounded interesting,He looked great on the pictures,had cool tattoos and charming eyes.I had fun writing with him,and then we started calling eachother on the phone.After a few weeks we decided to meet.It was to take place at a cafe.


In the days leading up to the date,I went to the hairdresser,had a manicure and massage.I tried much of my clothes on,until I found the right dressup which looked most wonderful.

On the day,one of my friends came over and put makeup on me,not overdone….just enough..a natural look.


Afterwards she stayed and talked,and that was great,because I had started getting the butterflies.We spoke much about the meeting of men on the dating sites,and I think she herself got turned on to making her own profile.She´s alone with her little girl,so I advised her to try.


My friend dropped me off at the cafe;and I walked in on wobbly legs.My date was already there.I recognised him at once.He was even better looking in reality.He had flowers for me,so I really became happy.We had a great evening together.Talked,laughed,flirted and ended up kissing  a little.We did though go home to our own homes.



Since then we met a couple of times,but we didn´t become lovers.It turned out that his ex.,was in his thoughts a lot,and suddenly she wanted him back.She must have found out, that he was dating me…rubbish.. rubbish….


Love Joanna



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