My Shyness Is No Problem.

I´m 34 years old,and since I was a teenager I have been battling a great problem.I´m very shy! When I´m with other people,I prefer to merge with the walls,and that`s not easy for a person weighing more than 220lb.


It´s not my weight that has made me shy,because when I was a kid I had a normal weight.My shyness really became apparent when I entered puberty.I was one of the first in class whose voice broke,and started to have pimples and greasy hair.I thought it was so embarrasing at the time.I started to stick more and more to my own company,and started to use all my spare time in front of my comupter,and indulged in playing computer games.


Then the next problems started to arise.As I sat down in front of the computer,I didn´t get any exercise,but instead lots of coca cola,chips,sweets..twenty years of this consumption places it´s traces.After business school I trained as a computer programmer.That meant that I spent nearly all my time around computers.


It then dawned on me,that if I continued in this fashion,I would end my days alone and lonely.I didn´t want that.The fact that I spend a lot of my time online,made me aware of dating sites; I just didn´t relate it to myself.Then I came across XL-Dating.Com.


I made a profile on XL-Dating.Com,and after some time,I got contact with a really nice girl.I never thought that would happen for me,as I always would stumble in conversations,when I met a girl that I didn´t know.I never managed to say what I wanted,and it´s as if I almost expected in advance that no girl would be interested to speak to me.


I have now met Lorraine.She is wonderful! She herself knows what it´s like to be shy,and the difficulties of getting contact with new people and partners.She is also a big girl, but I think that she is very beautiful.She is my dream women!She smiles a lot,and has a lot of interesting things to speak about.She also loves to play World Of Warcraft,so we often battle there.


We have become partners, and have known eachother for a year and a half.We have plans to get engaged,and to find a place together to live.Just wanted to say:if you are shy and battling with problems like overweight,then just get going and make a profile on XL-Dating.Com.

Here you´ll meet a lot of nice people.If you are lucky then you can meet a person that can become your partnerl.For me,my profile on XL-Dating.Com, was my ticket out of loneliness.


Best Regards Peter



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