Where I Found Someone To Share My Hobby With.

Just wanted to say that XL-Dating.Com is a work of genius.It´s the dating site that suits my purpose best.I have had my dating profile on several sites, but it was first when I placed it on XL-Dating.Com,that I really started to get contact with the ”right men”.


I´m a big girl and have always been.I have used years to try to slim down to a size 38 to get the perfect life,but I have realised that it won´t happen.I have learnt that it is important to like oneself,live wisely with healthy food,instead of punishing oneself,just because one doesn´t fit into the fashion ideal.Today i´m happy with my life,and I have achieved a surplus of life energy…and now there is room for a man.


Via my profile on XL-Dating.Com I have met several interesting guys.The good thing about the site is,that I have met guys who share my enthusiasm for my supreme interest,which is dog breeding.


I breed Field Trail Spaniels,these are usually good hunting dogs.I think it´s a breed that appeals a lot to men,instead of small carpet scrapers;and that makes my hobby interesting to men.I quickly established contact with some men with this interest,and that ment that we from the beginning had a lot to speak about.


I chatted,wrote and spoke to these guys,and it was especially one of them,who I had an eye on.It was mutual,and soon he asked me whether we shouldn´t meet up soon.So we did.First time was at the breeding fair in Portland.It was just like being on neutral ground,but surrounded by something that we both were fond of.I had a couple of dogs at the show,and it was whilst I was parading these that John first spotted me.It didn´t scare him away,as he waited to greet me when the prize giving ceremony was over.There I was with a medaled dog and a date.Fantastic,We viewed the rest of the exhibition together,and got my sister to take my dogs home,so that we could go out to dinner when the show was finished.


It just went ”click” between us.We talked so well in each others company.We also felt attracted to each other.We were not ready to part as the evening turned to night.We lodged into a hotel room.I felt really courted and slightly sinful.It was great,and it resulted in becoming lovers and engaged.We now live together,and he helps me with the kennel and trains the larger dogs.He is also a hunter,so he can influence the dogs from the beginning.It´s exiting and fun.

If you want to find a partner that you can share your hobby with, then quickly register a profile on XL-Dating.Com.


Bye Catherine


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