I´m Looking For A Certain Type Of Girl.

When I´m on my profile on XL-Dating.Com,it´s a certain type of girl that I´m looking for.I´m not for shy girls who hide themselves, nor am I for self centered girls,who want to be listened to all the time.I don´t know how to speak to any of those types of girls.Either i´m the only one that says anything,or else I dont´t get a word in.I want to date a girl who feels good about herself.I don´t care whether she 5,10,20,25 lb above the ideal weight..I´m not exactly myself an action hero.I know that if a girl can bid in with inspiration,humour and human warmth,then one is heading in the right direction


I have previously dated girls who were nervous and quiet when having to say something,which might draw attention.It´s difficult to build a relationship with somebody who doesn´t dare voice her feelings or thoughts.Who always lets the opposite decide.I´ll say to those girls,that they need to believe in themselves.Say what you are thinking, giving another person the chance to get to know you.


I have also dated a girl who was a fountain of words.She talked and talked; she wanted to hear her own voice all the time.If I said something,she always knew something ,bigger,better,smaller,larger,worse or more fantastic.After spending one evening with her,I knew it didn´t work for me.


I should take care not to sound too self possessed.As if I´m God or just the best.That´s not the case.I´m just an ordinary guy,32 years of age,chubby in the erotic sense..a bit cheeky.When nobody is oppressing me,then I´m really fond of life and especially food and drink.


Just returning the issue concerning the type of girl.A few months ago I got in contact with a girl called Maria on XL-Dating.Com,and i been given permission to tell it..It´s just the right girl for me!!! She is gorgeous,beautiful,soft,round and she can speak her case.Already from the beginning I knew that here was a girl,that could return a sharp ”word serve”.She had a lot of humour,and I wrote some rubbish to her,she promptly put me in my place.She is good at sorting out what she doesn´t want to be bothered by.It´s a great talent to have.If somebody says something negative to her,she almost feels sorry for them.She would often say,that he or she probably were lacking in vitamins or minerals.That kind of non pompous humour I like.


Maria and I are a match made in heaven;that´s at least how we view it .We are moving in together after Christmas,and I´m sure I ´ll be told where the closet and furniture will stand….i´m also sure that I´ll love it.


Greetings Hank Robertson


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