This is the way Mr. /Miss Right will notice your profile.

Maybe you are looking for a real good friend to have a good time with or maybe you are dreaming of finding a lovely boyfriend or girlfriend. However, it does not really matter, what reasons you have for creating your profile on, you undoubtedly hope to find “the right one”. Therefore, you have every reason to make your profile as good, exciting and true as possible.


Your personal profile consists of four parts:

  1. Your user name

  2. A headline

  3. A picture of yourself

  4. A profile text about yourself


This small “package” is the one that is going to brand you, arouse interest and make contact. Therefore, you should really make an effort on filling out the content, as it would pay off eventually. As long as you follow our simple advice, it is really not that hard.


Find a unique user name

Your user name is very important, as you have to keep in mind that this name actually gives an impression of who you are as a person and how you behave. You should preferably not choose a name that gives a wrong impression of you. So, do not choose a name that would make you seem tough and hard, if you are in fact soft and sensitive. Therefore, it is a good idea to spend some time and energy on finding a good, original and personal name, which sends out some positive signals of you. In addition, the name should be easy to remember.


Make a good headline

The first thing the other users see before opening your profile is the headline. You have every reason to make your headline exciting and catchy, as the whole idea with your profile is that people would find you interesting and therefore enter your profile in order to learn more about you. You could for instance try to make your headline interesting by telling why it is interesting or funny to date you.


Your profile picture should be lifelike

When you choose your profile picture for, you should make sure that it looks like you the way that you look at the moment. It should of course be a picture you feel comfortable with and which shows you in the best way possible. It could be advantageous to choose a picture, which also shows how you are as a person. So, if you love to travel, you could for instance choose a picture from your vacation or if you are very socially, you could choose a picture of you with your family and friends. If you have children, you could choose a picture of you with them. In this way, you signal that your children mean the world to you.


The vital profile text

The most important text of the different material you display on is the profile text, as this is the place, in which the date of your dreams would get to know you better and this text should also be so good that a potential date would wish to meet you.

It is always hard to describe yourself, as it is all about giving the relevant information and sharing the things that characterizes you as a person. You could preferably get some help from your family and friends and ask them if they would give you some keywords, which says something about the way that they perceive you. Ask them to be honest and to focus on your positive sides, as that is exactly the thing, a potential date would also find interesting.


When you are emphasizing your positive sides, you could preferably make some examples. If you are very good at cooking, tell about the delicious gastronomic experiences, you can give. If you are excellent with your hands, tell briefly about the old car that you have renovated. So, give some examples on your area of expertise instead of just mentioning them superficially. Another good advice is not to write something like: “I like to have fun”, because everybody loves that. Instead, you should give some examples of what you find funny. It could for instance be to watch an old comedy movie like ‘See No Evil, Hear No Evil’, attend a basketball match or whatever you find funny.


However, it is also important to be honest! It is stupid to lie in order to make your profile more exciting. This could cause way too many disappointments for a potential date as well as for you. For instance, you would have a hard time explaining things for your dream date, if you have lied yourself 40 kilos lighter. On the contrary, you do not need to tell things in your profile text that you do not want to share with others. Just be honest about the things, you write.


This also applies, when you are looking for your dream date on Be explicit and precise when you specify, what you are looking for. So, if you are looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend, then write it. If you are looking for a good friend or travel companion, do not forget to write it in your profile text.


The last practical advice

Remember to use the spelling on your computer, when you write your text, as it would remove some of the worst typos and makes your text easier to read.


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