Prior To Meeting Your Date.

When you are on XL-Dating.Com and get contacted,or you find interesting profiles,who you feel sound promising and interesting,the foundation is laid for a good chat.It´s fun time,and when you get the butterflies,relating to whether the person is your type,and the exitement,or whether you have something in common with that person.When you have been communicating for some time,and you feel that the person seems like a potential,that’s the time to arrange for a meeting.

Does The Dream Hold Potential

If you have been writing together for a week or even months,your expectations get higher.You might even be hearing church bells and seeing a pram in front of you.If that’s the case,then the time has come to meet up “live”.The first date quickly reveals if you are suited for each other.If there is no spark,or if it´s only one of you that wants to keep the meetup,then it´s time to finish the contact.This best done before you get disappointed, or delve too deep into your dream world.

Speak On The Phone First

It´s always best to have spoken on the phone first.Then you have a voice associated with your date,and the person doesn’t seem too alien to you.

If you want to be anonymous on the first account on the phone, then use a mobile with a call card, leaving no ability to trace your number.If you have a bad experience on the phone, you can rest assured that the person cant trace you.

Meet At A Neutral Location

On your first date,make sure that you meet at a neutral location, where there are other people.A café,bar or at a cosy restaurant,which could be a suggestion.This would be an ideal place to chat. We recommend that it is wise to get to know your date quite well,before you invite the individual home to your place.This is purely to protect yourself.The vast majority of people are good and sincere, but unfortunately there are some devious characters out there, who wish to exploit people in the wrong fashion.

Be Yourself

When you meet someone for the first time, it´s important that you are true to yourself.Be as natural in your behaviour as possible.Relax and be aware, that both of you are here to have a good experience,and get to know each other.Through your profile,your date has created an impression of who you are. That’s the impression that has prompted them to want to meet you.There is good reason to be happy about the situation.Enjoy it,smile and be positive.


Keep Your Integrity

When that is said,just a piece of advice on your path.To move into the magical world of dating is enticing.Most of the journey is an “upper”.It could implicate you being challenged by some choices.Maybe your date has some suggestions which don’t agree with you,for one or another reason.Just you know that you have 100% the right to decline.Don´t ever be pressured into anything that you don´t like or want.Stick to your integrity and your values.

Patience Is A Virtue.

Remember, patience is a virtue.If this first date was not ideal, then remember that there are many other fish in the pond.Don´t get discouraged,Understand that you have been enriched by your experience.It has also given you the opportunity to be even more clear about what you are looking for,next time you are checking out profiles.



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