I´ll Never Forget That Date.

I been on many dates with women that I have met on XL-Dating.Com.There are lots of good experiences,and some of the women I have met several times.The best date is the one I´m engaged to.Naturally that is the best date of them all.It was in the hope that I would find my fiance,that I created a profile on XL-Dating.Com.There is one that comes especially to mind,and who I´ll never forget.


I was during the hottest part of summer last year.I had arranged to meet this women,whom I had been writing to for a period of time.I´ll not mention her age,her name or her home town.


We had arranged to meet at a cafe in town,where we were going to eat some lovely food,and possibly head into town later.It was a beautiful summer evening,light,warm and with a certain southern feel,which is rare here in this country.


I arrived early at the cafe and was placed at our table.I ordered a small beer,and just enjoyed the vibe,the mood and the expectation.On the beat of seven thirty a women walked to my table.”Hi,i´m Clara”,she said.I was perplexed .It´s true that I had a date with a women named Clara,but the pictures of the women I saw online,where not similar to the looks of the women standing in front of me.


I mumbled that she should sit down.I was flabbergasted,I didn´t quite know how to deal with it.I gathered courage and said:”Who are you”.Then the lady blushed.”It´s because I don´t feel that i´m that nice looking,therefore I borrowed a couple of pictures off one of my friends from Chicago.Then she started to rant on about how irrelevant it was about looks,as it was the inner values and ones personality that counted and so forth.


That´s when I got angry.Then I got up and said that I probably was the last person to judge others on their looks.I myself am quite overweight.On the contrary,I don´t like people lying.I felt that she had lied to me,and concealed the truth..that was one thing.That she now felt that she should give me a lecture about morality,that was another case.. it was too much for me to take


I concluded by saying that I wished her a good evening,and that maybe another guy would turn up to entertain her,and it certainly was not going to be me.Goodbye!


It was a very abrupt end to an evening,which at the beginnig was promising.I haven´t regretted at all that I walked out.If I had stayed, I would have had to make compromises with my attitude to honesty,and further,I would probably not have met my lovely fiance.


Greetings Sam


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