My Dream Girl Became Reality.

I have met my dream girl on XL-Dating.Com.I´m just so happy that my whole life looks much rosier.Six months ago I created a profile on XL-Dating.Com,because I was so fed up being alone,and tired of the fact that it was my slim friends,who had the nice partners.I have concluded,that I´m never going to be really slim,but have made the decision,that I want to live a healthy life style,be more happy and do more for myself.One of the things I have done for myself, is to go onto XL-Dating.Com.


I quickly got contact with some girls.Different girls with many varied interests,and different attitudes to how a boyfriend should be.The fact that one acquires some knowledge about the girls,makes it easier to point out some possible candidates.who have the attributes that one wants in a partner.


Amongst my selected list,there was especially one who was exciting.I discovered that I was always on the lookout for a reply from her,and that sometimes I was slightly disapointed if she hadn´t replied to one of my messages.It must have been a sign that she awoke something within me.


I was prompted to write important things to her.Things that ment something in my life.She answered with an open heart,and slowly more and more emotions crept into our conversations.We started calling eachother.It was both good and bad.It was fantastic to speak to her.She has a lovely voice,she is kind,clever and wonderful to speak with.The down side is,that we speak for hours,and that has ment that our telephone bills have rocketed.


Then came the day we had to meet.The only element missing for me,was for us to meet in ”real life”.We had planned our date so that we should meet at a cafe and drink coffee and talk.Afterwards we were to go to a nice restaurant and have dinner.If all went wrong,we could cancel the last part of the date plan,and of course i didn´t want that to happen.


But I didn´t need to be so worried!From the moment my date walked in the door is was sold.My God..she was beautiful.The most beautiful long red hair,hazel brown eyes with a smile in them, and a gorgeous smiling mouth.She had beautiful female curves,and a wonderful radiance

We had our coffee and then the talk started.Time flew,and I could feel that I was falling more and more in love with her.The most wonderful thing was that I could feel she felt the same way.We continued to the restaurant,embracing arm to arm.There we drank lovely wines and had sumptuous food.


When the evening slid into night,we went to her place.The whole evening had lived itself out as a fairytale,so it was in natural flow, that we were going to spend the night together.I knew that my dream girl had become reality.We have been together ever since,and now we are officially partners.


Best Wishes Robert Lawson


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